Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who is knocking the door of opportunity?

After many years, domestic software companies to compete with international products is still largely concentrated in the main office software and operating system level, but in the middleware, databases, etc. These constitute a large system applications products, customer awareness is still low level.

How to save?

In fact, for the above reasons results have not technical differences, if the distinction between purely from a technical point of view, domestic middleware vendors and in numerous foreign manufacturers has been a draw. It can be said, though with BEA, IBM middleware giants compared to other international and domestic middleware vendors still seem immature, but it has not vulnerable.

To Kingdee middleware, for example, with its software product development in industry and government applications such as the accumulation of many years, the product has matured. Recent application server products introduced Apusic4.0 more importance Zhi as the domestic first through the J2EE1.4 standard of business, as at present, the certification of enterprises in the Tong Guo Quan Qiu there was only 11.

Obviously, if the market has a healthy growth environment, middleware is not domestic and foreign products can not be shoulder to shoulder, but foreign firms in the market middleware absolute advantage Querang difficult to display their room for local manufacturers. The rich and powerful IBM bundling strategy used to buy hardware to send middleware, occupy the market with low prices, high service charges a profit. Resulted in the strong stronger and the weak weaker market discipline. So if there is no clear support of government procurement, domestic middleware market space may be shrinking, the final out of the market.

The current problem is that no one is willing to pay for the risk, especially in the government procurement of products that require stability and high security areas. Thus, complaining to the blindly favor domestic firms not in fact the policy has no practical meaning, shaping their competitive edge is the middleware vendor's survival.

Speaking from a value orientation, middleware, on the basis of domestic manufacturers, foreign manufacturers used to from the same price drop caught between the high profit margins to find, in the application middleware, although localization service is one of the selling points, but the "localization "In a certain extent, means" low price "service, in fact, in this area, the service gap between the price gap between the price than the bigger software.

The central bank after a long period, multi-angle, a full range of inspection and product trials and select the Kingdee Apusic Application Server. People's Bank Head Office of a director of information technology, said: "We are Kingdee technical staff for their patience and professionalism impressed enough. If the first fails to consider the system and its related responsibilities, then perhaps the most powerful brand is a good options. "But he also mentioned that Kingdee's products are used in e-government, and in the large data set of business, or dare to large-scale applications of IBM's WebsPhere and BEA WebLogic.

Localization of price and service, through the East, in the record, Kingdee other market-proven and competitive point of survival, while the expansion of China's middleware software market, China's information technology and e-government was the promotion of domestic middleware vendors growth and expansion brought about the dawn.


Product coverage and the international application server vendors, mobile middleware, messaging middleware and other branches of different areas of strategy, most of domestic software will look more professional locked in a certain area, which makes domestic investment middleware vendors can and the overall technical strength in a weak situation, can with their own professional a place in the market.

Although most of the middleware itself is generic, but the market has shown very clearly on industry characteristics. Middleware software, application and development of the earliest start in the financial and telecommunications sectors, while the capacity to contribute to the current middleware market as a whole is both the largest area of more in-depth study of middleware vendor BEA, IBM, and so are the East Pass and Kingdee These two areas of very intense fight.

Today, the government became a major middleware software applications industry. "Currently, demand for government information technology work more strongly, as the uneven development of regional information, inconsistent application of the complex system environment because they would often solve old problems, new issues are emerging." Vice president of the East Pass Xu Zhidong to reporters on the market. In 2005, the Orient through the inclusion of key breakthroughs in e-government sectors, not long ago in the South, East and other places expansion channels, better market.

As e-government market preference to domestic software products and support, a huge demand for middleware, e-government construction industry has brought a very promising market. In addition, the relative financial, telecommunications industry, the huge market demand for e-government more diversified, individualized, many middleware vendors can be made to find savings in this area, the ideal strength of the soil.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Capital gray screen under the Waterfront

Whether celebrated Shanghai or Ningbo Port is rising, their golden dream of all need money to support the. Therefore, the introduction of a wide range of investors to stimulate the development of container business, is becoming a reality. The former Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port entrenched in many years, and Hutchison Ports Holdings (HIT) in the "dominate" the situation, also will break.

August 1993, Shanghai Port Container Transportation Development Corporation (now Shanggangjixiang) and Hutchison Whampoa of Hong Kong Shanghai Port Investment Co., Ltd. joint venture at the time the largest joint venture, Shanghai Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (SCT), opened Shanghai port to attract foreign investment curtain. Foreign capital brought into the port not only the development of adequate follow-up funding, more effective, with its advanced management to improve the efficiency of the port. SCT's container throughput rising year after year, from 900,000 TEU in 1993 soared to the current 3.35 million TEU, on the development of Shanghai Port Container business contributed.

September 2002, Shanghai Port Authority (now the Shanghai International Port Group) has signed with the Danish AP Moller Group, the new co-operation in Waigaoqiao Phase IV Container Terminal, the Shanghai Hudong Container Terminal Management Limited; in March 2003, Waigaoqiao then transformed into a joint venture of the Shanghai Pudong International Container Terminals Limited.

Shanghai Municipal Government has hinted out hope that the Yangshan a reservation development by the Shanghai International Port Group, Yangshan Phase II until the introduction of foreign capital again. But the past year, shares on the Yangshan Port has been confusing dispute. It is understood that the investors Yangshan Deep Water Port in Shanghai with Sheng Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., which was established with the same deep-water port construction headquarters and offices in the same place. An investment in the Yangshan Port of fierce battle, the Shanghai International Port Group come out on top. With registered capital of 5.0 billion Sheng, Shanghai International Port investment of 2.6 billion, a controlling shareholder.

Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office, said Zheng Guoqiang, when many companies overseas have expressed willingness to participate in deep-water port construction, including the United States and Britain of a number of investment companies, and the "very early intention" and Hutchison Whampoa was even more powerful competitors 1. First to the world the impression that COSCO come out on top and yellow camera moves. October 19, 2003, COSCO Group chairman Wei Jiafu in Bangkok to attend the APEC CEO summit, said the meeting, the COSCO Group has obtained shareholder approval of Shanghai Municipal Government, the size of the Yangshan Port Phase I project, and not less than 20% stake in COSCO will be the first stake in the project's business success.

But the industry know, and yellow arm of Li Ka-shing is clearly not easily give up the investment in the Yangshan Port. And yellow for the Asian shipping already clear that the situation has Yunkai falls away: Hong Kong as an international shipping center in the old course, unbreakable in the short term, but the Hong Kong container terminals handled daily supply mainly from southern China, Shanghai from their far, supply is not the same, but the construction of Shanghai international shipping center will be radiation in central China and the Yangtze River.

However, according to industry analysts, SCT cooperation unpleasant problem may be caused as a reason for inaction, and yellow. Because investment in SCT and yellow dock are within the Huangpu River, Shanghai's Huangpu River accordance with the planning, would be phased out within the Huangpu River freight, SCT terminals face a "demolition" of the problem. This and and yellow with the Shanghai joint venture contract signed 50-year existence of contradictions, if the SCT to move to resettlement and yellow will be a problem. Thus, the Li Ka Shing Yangshan Port is clearly the goal.

By the end of June this year, the news that Shanghai International Port Group Shanggangjixiang preparing to about 20% of the shares to Singapore and Hong Kong for the International Finance Corporation (PSA). In exchange, Singapore and Hong Kong international companies to service the local terminal operators in Singapore, Singapore Ports Corporation (PSAC) 20% -25% share exchange to the Shanghai International Port Group. In this way, Shanghai is expected to take the first step towards internationalization, Singapore, the largest port in the world and the future of the alliance first. A person familiar with analysis: "As Shanggangjixiang is the Shanghai International Port Group's only listed company, hopefully get some interest in Yangshan Port, the Singapore and Hong Kong Service by the international companies are expected to become shareholders Yangshan Shanggangjixiang curve Hong Kong. "

Dramatic is that early in July, the global hegemon and yellow dock with Shanghai International Port Group has also started a new transaction, the deal of playing or convertible. However, according to industry analysts believe that the meaning of the two opposite convertible, Shanghai International Port Group and PSA Corporation's convertible opened up a new cooperation mileage, and Shanghai International Port Group and and yellow convertible with the past is to drink .

The two sides agreed framework for cooperation include: Shanghai International Port Group, Shanggangjixiang, and yellow will be built with funds outside the five terminals. But Shanghai container terminal and ancillary facilities, land prices have not yet finalized, it also means Hutchison shares outstanding more than five terminals is still suspense. In fact, and the yellow out five terminals in question is the percentage of shares of the biggest differences between the partners. However, Shanghai International Port Group has decided within the "project completed during the year form the joint venture."

Recently, and from Shanggangjixiang spread: by the company holding the Shanghai Yangshan International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (tentative name) will be formally established in September. It is reported that the joint venture will be primarily responsible for the establishment of investment and operation phase of the Yangshan Deepwater Port terminal. As Hong Kong and Hutchison Whampoa has Shanggangjixiang 24.81% stake in joint venture therefore means and Huang Jinjun Yangshan Port has been a dream come true. However, the new joint venture to the end of August to shareholders after the adoption of General Assembly resolution to be set up.

Recently came on the market, Taiwan's Evergreen Group on behalf of the Italian cruise company and the Ningbo Port Group signed a four investment letter of intent, which allegedly has been involved in the basic no chance to compete and yellow this item. Evergreen Group, Taiwan's largest container shipping company, the Hong Kong tycoons Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa is the world's largest port operator, controls 10% of global maritime trade to 15% share.

"Who were four specific franchise, has not yet finalized." Ningbo Port Group Co., Ltd. Container Development Minister Huang Weiping told reporters. But Huang believes that the introduction of more competitors in the future development of a trend of Ningbo Port. This is the first time in Ningbo Port Group media views on the Fang Jian rumors.

Ningbo Beilun Port is always up to the challenges of Ocean Hill Gold Zone to Hong Kong, to the end of June 2004, Ningbo Beilun International Container Terminal 11 new routes, including ocean Route 8, the tentacles began to stretch South America, Africa and Australia, have not previously been involved in new trade areas. And plans to invest 5 billion yuan of the Beilun Port Phase IV is the best container terminal in terms of a project: 75,000 t-ton, five berths, berth length 1,700 m, water depth of up to 17 meters. "Ningbo port now has more than 50 lines." Ningbo Port Group, a source said.

Therefore, the Ningbo Port is the focus of competition between external terminal. June 2001, and Huang won the Ningbo Beilun Port Authority under the container company, a joint venture in Ningbo International Container Terminal Co., Ltd., invested 2 billion yuan holds a 49% share. "In the future, and yellow in the other projects of Ningbo Port is difficult to have a breakthrough." Ningbo City, director of the CPPCC, said Huang Meng Da, Huang had been run by officials of Ningbo port.浠栬涓猴紝鍜岄粍鍦ㄥ寳浠戜簩鏈熼」鐩笂锛屽皢闆嗚绠辩殑浣滀笟璐逛竴鍐嶆彁楂橈紝娓姟闆嗗洟鏂归潰瀵瑰叾楂樹环缁忚惀鐨勬墜娉曡〃绀轰笉婊°? 鈥滅敱浜庝环鏍艰繃楂樺鏄撳鑷村畞娉㈢殑璐ф簮鍚戜笂娴锋腐鍒嗘祦銆傗?浣嗕粬瀵硅繖瀹堕娓笂甯傚叕鍙稿揩閫熻拷姹傛姇璧勫洖鎶ョ殑蹇冪悊琛ㄧず鐞嗚В銆傚湪鐩墠瀹佹尝娓殑绗簲鏈熷ぇ姒矝娓彛锛岀敱浜庣粡钀ユ腐鍙g爜澶寸殑鎷涘晢灞?浗闄呴泦鍥㈢殑鍏ヤ富锛屽拰榛勪篃涓уけ浜嗘満浼氥?


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tomato Garden in France, Italy and public opinion

Majority of Internet users, "Tomato Garden" reaction and attitude and the "Law" formed a great contrast. This, of course with the public awareness of IPR protection in China are very weak relationship, but it is not the only reason.

Recent media Tomato Garden version of Windows XP review of detention Hong Lei news network in the software industry and intellectual property caused uproar. Subsequently, Microsoft acknowledged that its Ministry of Public Security to the State Copyright Bureau and the complaint, resulting in arrested Hong Lei.

Tomato Garden version of XP is not only for Microsoft Windows XP theme, desktop, buttons and other exterior landscaping, also abolished the Microsoft Genuine validation process, while some of Microsoft's original operating system function is not used to turn off or uninstall, to speed up the speed, available for free download through the website. Tomato garden like a modified version of XP personal computer users have become necessary software installed, there are industry estimates, Tomato Garden version of Windows XP's installed capacity may be more than 10 million.

For "Tomato Garden", a well-known portal was a special survey in the evening of August 22 at 9:30, a total of 77,190 participants. Survey: 78.98% of those surveyed support the tomato garden, only 5% of those surveyed support the Microsoft original. This finding partly reflects the majority of Internet users, "Tomato Garden" of public opinion.

According to China's Copyright Law and Computer Software Protection Ordinance, Tomato Garden version of XP on the Microsoft XP appearance of landscaping and some features turned off or unloading, is Microsoft's XP software changes, infringes the right of Microsoft's changes; cancellation of Microsoft XP, Genuine verification process, violated the rights of Microsoft's technical protection measures; through the modified version of XP to download website, violation of Microsoft's Information Network Transmission Right. Therefore, the tomato garden version of XP on the conduct has violated the Copyright Law and Computer Software Protection Ordinance, constitutes an infringement of copyright, shall bear the corresponding stop infringement, compensate the loss of civil liability. This is the "Tomato Garden" in "France and Italy."

However, the majority of Internet users, "Tomato Garden" reaction and attitude shows just formed a great contrast. This, of course with the public awareness of IPR protection in China are very weak relationship, but it is not the only reason. Should not be denied, users of Microsoft has developed an attitude of the "conflict" emotional, rooted in the Microsoft products, high prices, the de facto monopoly and possible abuse of intellectual property, as well as its consistent use of "rovide water for fish, fish Great to close the net "trick. This "conflict" mood "public opinion" must be distorted and exaggerated.

August 1, after repeated calls China's "anti-monopoly law" finally implemented. Many people look forward to Microsoft will be "anti-monopoly law" after the implementation of the first defendant, hoping to correct the intellectual property rights protection mechanism of anti-monopoly law and the elimination of strong intellectual property protection of the various side effects, users are anxious to get the software at reasonable prices and enjoy should have the option, the software companies want to have fair competition in space. Microsoft has changed at this sensitive time in the past only for the practice of corporate pirates, the "Intellectual Property stick" to pound individual pirates, the intention to be examined. Experts have pointed out that "Tomato Garden" with Microsoft as an antitrust defendant is related to Microsoft's attempt to "divert attention" and that its software is not genuine "possession of a dominant market position", "turn from passive to active." We do not know Microsoft's true intentions, but we absolutely believe that Microsoft has a deal with antitrust review of experience and superb skills. Internet users distortion exaggerated "public opinion" and public security organs of investigation results will be Microsoft's response to antitrust review of the evidence? We will wait and see.

Intellectual property system should not be "A single flower" and "protection" system, but "protection" and "anti-abuse" both the "hundred flowers blossom" system. I hope that cleared "tomatoes illegal" and "Garden" will be a "hundred flowers blooming garden of intellectual property."

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Special offers, gifts, and shouted three tricks in the retail sale terminal

In 2008, Liu Shuli as independent from the Double Star Group, Chairman of the Board special star, led the special star gorgeous turn around, hardly be optimistic about the situation, Liu Shuli Chen successfully used their own "stupid mode" and the "good stuff cheap to sell "business philosophy, not only for special satellite foothold in the market, after a year of rapid development, especially Star has developed into a nearly 3,000 stores and annual sales of 1.5 billion, and even western China's largest sports and leisure shoes convenience chain brand.

Look at the special star business philosophy - "good stuff cheap to sell," meaning, according to Manager Liu quotation about "good stuff cheap to sell the company's business philosophy, the soul of the company's business is special. Good stuff cheap to sell, the more selling the cheaper, the more the better to sell sell. "

Special offers, gifts and call the retail sale is the end of three resort. To a certain period of time, the rapid burst capacity, special activities have been manufacturers and merchants to take one of the means usual in the chain of supermarkets, hypermarkets and shopping malls is very common end-use applications such as sales, small home appliances specials are everywhere, many manufacturers even call it killer. Why special promotions are becoming more common, but special star to carry forward the Bale.

In general, and special stores directly related to the business and would like companies to do special promotions, rapidly enhance the dealer's sales, can rapidly enhance the store's popularity, special stores to strive for the best display, priority promotion support, and other aspects care, such as promotions, store information, to help promotion.

In my opinion, deeply discounted sales staff also welcome special sales staff can help accelerate sales and reduce the resistance of business to upgrade and enhance the confidence of salespeople.

It is worth noting - is a double-edged sword special needs early serious research, meticulous preparation, intention to control the activities of the process. Special activities once operational errors, the result can only be called out the slogan is not selling, not only did not meet goals for increasing sales; Furthermore easily affect the brand image of the brand devaluation, brand loyal fans hurt the heart, only to leave sad and complain , penny wise and pound-foolish, not worth the candle!

And unto God that God, given to Caesar. In the market competition of domestic enterprises to take a price war has become conventional weapons, the value of war, strategic innovation, for marketing people tend to fall into a considerable distance and the reality of the dream, although this dream closer.

When the value of war or a dream, some companies have put forward a clear-cut "value war." Is to seize the consumer to take advantage of the psychological, as "war premium" concept is advanced, the country does not shape the theory to explain, but the impact of the industry and consumers to bring the benefits really are real.

Market value is actually the idea of war to take advantage of the concept, in line with marketing principles in a comparison. "Influence", a book has cited such an example:

The brothers opened a clothing store, selling 22 yuan a piece of clothing, but not price. Older brother they behave behind the ears then bent, but reception in front of customers, each time pretending to not hear. When the customer inquiry, the older brother always cried out, the younger brother is busy inside: How much is this? Brother cried: 42 yuan. A brother to turn customers, oh, 22 yuan. At this point, customers will not hesitate to buy clothes. This is by contrast to bring a customer to take advantage of feeling.

Seven or eight years ago, I saw one on the Zhengzhou Evening News, about the way You Zhengzhou Jiankang two clothing store next to Zhao, Mai same product, a store you, another shop cheaper. Two stores and a woman business owners often struggle to quarrel, man accused woman stupid and foolish, not to do business, selling price so low, is not dead loss? 2 boss shouting, causing a passerby's attention. People understand the situation, and all crowd in women's clothing store owner. Male customers into the store owner saw, and heart smiling at the news, he had two shops are open, female boss is his wife. Read this news, I laugh, have a realistic version of the story.

After listening to some entrepreneurs say, is playing field for small traders will use the 36-meter, ah, the table can not be it! You see: Tide laundry soap triple function of price is one example. Loaded with two installed products to promote a product loaded with two 6.9 yuan to the light, so that customers feel that they spent 3.2 yuan to buy a piece of installed products is an advantage. P & G's Tide, it is not a small brand. However, we do not have their own case?

Punda Group after many years of distribution construction has advanced to the fusion of fashion and leisure concepts - Punda official holiday card into the insurance interests of the community. First, the consumer after adding Punda holiday, it means a longer period (5 years / 10 years / 20 years) enjoy an excellent, stable, and a variety of holiday accommodation and insurance rights and interests of additional services related to the interests of evidence It means that in 5 years, 10 or 20 year period, according to the type of card purchased vacation benefits, members can Punda all over the country to join the Group Resort, Resort hotel, free to choose a resort to enjoy their holiday trip.

In the holiday period, in addition to free accommodation, but also enjoy the added extra services such as ticketing, shuttle service, free or discounted services, consumer entertainment resorts. According to reports, there are three characteristics holiday card services:

1, holiday functions - 20 years, 10 years or 5 years has enjoyed some of Punda National Resort on the 7th free of charge (including Direct hotels and joining hotel);

2, interest payments returned - 20 years to enjoy the full rights of return of principal (equity holders of 50,000 yuan members);

3, high social status - 20 years, 10 years or 5 years to enjoy the high insurance.

I believe that in order to Punda holiday cards 50 thousand yuan shall product, for example, first of all, at home, such as Sanya, Lijiang, Huangshan, Long Island, hundreds of Department and other first-class tourist resort, the cardholder may at any time, by Punda holiday in these beautiful places to live on each year a wonderful day, up to a month, at least five days, the minimum two-star hotels, the highest five-star hotel. A small amount each year to spend 1,500 yuan, the Chinese can easily swim and enjoy high-quality holiday accommodation. (Value!), This can also get a high insurance: Accidental Death 500,000, 400,000 accidental disability, disease, death of 100 000, 100 000 major diseases, ensure each year, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day , comprehensive protection. (Value!) Finally, consumers can choose 5, 10, 20 years later, to achieve 100% of principal amount of 50 thousand yuan of value-added return. (Surprise!)

In short, the holiday card operating side by giving customers the added value of multi-level, and use the added value of this weapon and use of selection mechanisms (because of the selection process is to enlarge the value for customers to take advantage of the process), so they're in Blue Ocean , fast dealers and travel agents to win business customers a good impression.

Punda holiday card project to promote one of the Xiao-Fei said something very classic words: "cheap" and "take advantage" not the same. Value of 50 things, 50 to buy back, and what is cheap; value of 100 things, 50 to buy back, and what is to take advantage of. Chinese people often say "affordable", in fact, is almost pure inexpensive does not exist, but marketing can enable consumers to "value for money."

From the view of human nature tourism consumption, is an experience-based process of consumption, and cheap table is only a passive sensing results, it can not serve as the consumer experience through the entire process, and the effect of cheaper producers from the tourism products set in advance, consumers are definitely outsiders, so cheap is a shallow consumer satisfaction with primary psychological, it can not form a healthy and profitable space tourism appreciation of end products.

Take advantage of the experience of what, precisely embodied the experience of the tourism product type consumption process and the outcome satisfactory and pleasant surprise, to take advantage of the first is an active consumer, is the heart of consumers or even from the nature of unconscious mental impulses, that human nature Features are not the social environment, status, educational background can transform, so by "taking advantage" of active consumption leading to a human from the beginning to enjoy the fun of the specific acts, combined with vacation in Punta up to the great value products to promote the advantages of Next, bound to one of the most appropriate means to guide the process of consumption, the most worthy of praise may be of such spending, they often have a self-driven consumption, the consumption of resources can also control the psychological effects.

Therefore, Punda holiday card spending, not only simple travel insurance, time share, more importantly, it has been elevated to heart experience trip, leisure investment!

I put forward the "do not sell cheap, only sell to take advantage of" theme, in fact, since the Punda source project to promote one of the holiday card inspired by Xiao-Fei, on this basis, it developed into a war we spoke of the value concept of hope industry partners benefit.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

World Cup counterparts: Illustrator drawing three cases of Football

The conduct of the 2006 World Cup is in full swing, how can we remain indifferent? On the bones of this tutorial provides three examples of tutorials Illustrator drawing football, let us also with the World Cup, a fire it! Text entitled "Drawing in Illustrator football", "Drawing with Adobe Illustrator Football" and "Using Adobe Illustrator to create real football."

Example of a video tutorial to teach you draw football

Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Examples of two, draw a simple football

Click here to read tutorial

Three examples, drawing a three-dimensional football

Click here to read tutorial

Example of a video tutorial to teach you draw football

Learning Points

鈽?polygon tool
鈽?reference line (Ctrl +5)
鈽?rotary tool
鈽?once again transform (Ctrl + D)
鈽?clipping masks (Ctrl +7)

Click here to play video tutorial

Right Click here to download the video tutorial (swf file, 2.30MB)

Examples of two, draw a simple football

Using the line tool draw a straight line as shown below (in combination with Shift key to draw a vertical line)

Will maintain the selected line, double-click the rotation tool in the toolbox, pop-up dialog box, shown below, set the rotation angle of 72 degrees (360 梅 5)

Click the "Copy" button, copy the line rotation

Implementation of the Ctrl + D (again transform) command three times

Will be a graphical implementation of the "View> reference is> the establishment of reference line", will become a reference line graphic

With reference to the center line of a circle, hold down the Shift + Alt keys, drawn from the center of a perfect circle, and round to coloring - blue; Stroke - no.

Select the round, double-click the toolbox, zoom tool, zoom tool pop-up dialog box, set up as shown below

Click the "Copy" button, get a copy narrow circle, will change its coloring - white

To a large circular intersection with reference line for the center of a circle, hold down the Alt key, drawn from the center oval, elliptical edge and a small circle and the reference line tangent

Hold down the Alt key, use the rotary tool, in the location of the intersection of reference line click to bring up the rotate dialog box, set the rotation angle as shown below

Click the "Copy" button, get a copy of the elliptical rotation as shown below

Implementation of the Ctrl + D command three times, will round out the three reproduce, use selection tool to the next round white picture hold down the Shift key to select

Implementation of the "Object> Path> Offset Path" command, set the pop-up dialog box as shown below

Click "OK" button, the path will be shown below

Colouring the path to - no; strokes - blue, thick strokes to 4pt

Draw rectangle as shown below

The intersection of reference line as the rotation center of rotation to replicate, as shown in graph 5

Reference line to the intersection of a circle, hold down the Shift + Alt key to draw from the center circle as shown below

Select all of the graphics

Implementation of the "Object> clipping masks> build (Ctrl +7)" command to the top of the circle on the bottom of the formation of shear effect of all graphics

Select using the grouping tool to create clipping masks for the round selected, to strokes to - blue, thickness 3pt

Implementation of the "View> Guides> Clear Guides" command will remove the reference line. Success, and the first pro-a mouth, ha ha.

Three examples, drawing a three-dimensional football

Always thinking about painting football these days, not many spade, and let's begin. Do not ask how such a shape, then painted, have already spoken, there is here, also spoke.

The fill to white, drag the symbols palette

Draw half circle, blue strokes. (Ye draw? Draw a perfect circle, with the direct selection tool to select half of the deletion of that half circle Mody)

Implementation of the "effect> 3D> Raozhuan" command, set in the dialog box as shown below

Click the "map" button, the "symbol" on the choice of the definition of the symbols on the steps, this step need to open the preview, watched adjustment

Preview satisfied, click twice the "OK" button

Results will be a copy, and strokes to white

Using the path outlined triangle shown below, and the implementation of the "Object> Compound Path> build" command. (If you do not know how to draw triangle is very simple, first in the layers palette that the ball will turn off the white display)

Select the white edges of the ball and complex path, the implementation of the "Object> clipping mask> to establish a" command

Using the pen tool draw the path as shown below, and its coloring to red

In the transparency palette will change its hue mixed mode

Using the same method to paint the color of the other

Pen tool draw the shape shown below and use the "Object> Arrange> near the bottom," the graphics placed in the bottom of football

Implementation of the "effect> Fuzzy> Mirror fuzzy" set as shown below

Click "OK" button, as shown in the results

Implementation of the "effect> Fuzzy> Gaussian Blur" setting as shown below

Click "OK" button, as shown in the results

Draw the shape as shown below and fill to the shape of the gradient

Select the following figure in two shapes, click the upper right corner of the transparency palette small triangle, the pop-up menu, select "Create opaque mask" command

The results shown below


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rising 2008, accused of dangerous: not considered extreme?

Reporters on the Rising Antivirus 2008 reports of alleged dangerous than the virus and the antivirus vendors of enterprise caused great concern, and the most concerned about is whether there are any problems Rising 2008? Whether there is any design flaw or just did not take into account the extreme conditions?

Status: can not confirm the official version no problem

To this end, the reporter contacted the marketing department Rising Hao Ting, ARP broadcast packets received on the latest events. She said, "The Rising sent to Jilin University and Jilin University team has done a very good communication, both sides reached a consensus on some issues. Jilin University has made it clear that a notice 浼?up with another, to explain the incident, Is this some of the media He are in question, there will be an official statement. I believe the recent announcement on this website can be seen in Jilin University. And if the network Jilin University, later a security issues, Rising will be the first to send experts to assist them in solving problems. "For the Sichuan University, where she also said everything went smoothly.

Press again to connect the Information Management Center of Sichuan University ginger teacher about the situation. He said: "The lifting of restrictions, although sometimes network segment still have a lot of ARP broadcast packets to send, but we have no definitive evidence that this is because the problems Rising send so many broadcast packets, because the virus may be Send. "When asked to Rising team ARP broadcast packet whether the results of the survey questions, Jiang teacher said:" Rising on the River is not a big problem to clear conclusions, in the end is the question of which party. but according to our school the specific situation, they said the new upgrade package has changed a number of strategies. We are still watching to see there to no avail. to the official version of the use also in the observation, the official version can not be completely sure there is no problem. "

CCERT: ARP ARP protocol is used to deceive their own shortcomings

China Education and Research Network Emergency Response Team (CCERT) refers to the CERNET network security emergency response system in general, on the China Education and Research Network and the members of the network to provide fast response to security incidents or technical support services.

The agency's network security engineer Zhengxian Wei said in an interview, "I have not tested Rising firewall protection mechanism will send a large number of ARP packets. But from the principle of the protection, the virus host to the gateway for each packet sent an ARP cheating , the client firewall to correct the gateway to the ARP cache table must also be a gateway to send the correct ARP packets, which means that as long as the virus kept the hair, the firewall will not stop the hair. outset, we developed called ARPFix of firewall also used this method, but then take into account may generate a large number of ARP packets, so in the end gave up. "

In CCERT site "ARP cheating virus topic", the reporter also saw this passage, "because ARP ARP protocol is used to deceive their own shortcomings, so far, we still do not have a very effective way to control this attack. present difficulties mainly in the gateway switch, we have not yet found an effective way to prevent the gateway's ARP list of changes is not to be deceived. Therefore, the most effective way to quickly block or the source of such attacks. This requires to quickly detect and locate the attacker attacks the host location to be addressed. "

Jinshan: Rising did not consider the extreme case

As the home of another well-known anti-virus software development company of Kingsoft's anti-virus drugs based on ARP software. Kingsoft's anti-virus engineer Li Tiejun, told this reporter: "the method used to inform the gateway to prevent ARP spoofing is one way to respond to ARP cheating, using this approach, taking into account extreme cases, such as the complex in the Campus Network network environment, if all clients are doing, it will lead to network anomalies. better to use other methods, prevent users from misuse. Therefore, antivirus manufacturers to adopt such an approach in as carefully as possible. Yong users saying Juyu Wang Many of the client machine to inform the gateway of the methods to prevent ARP attacks, is 1000 kills, 1200 losses from the practice can easily lead to network storm, security vendor should guide the user to avoid incorrect settings, such as product interface should be informed risks, to remind users to be careful Operation. "

Li Tiejun said recently Kingsoft Duba also released its own defense ARP attack software. The two-way firewall is used to intercept packets ARP attacks, including other computers on the local ARP attacks and the native ARP attacks on other computers. It will prevent other machines in LAN ARP attack launched from a largely played a controlled flood of ARP packets to deceive the problem. In addition, the reporter also found that the ARP firewall Jinshan has a similar option with the Rising, but the default is not checked. Li Tiejun this explanation: "When necessary, they can check on this option, and can set their own definition of the number of contracting. This is like the need to set up according to their cry or not cry, cry, then Han Jisheng. This When you can take the initiative to inform the gateway must also be able to network resources on their own within the scope of control. "But, he said Jinshan not recommended to inform the gateway of the way to prevent ARP deception, and will products interface to the user in an appropriate reminder.


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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Youtube Video to ASX Live

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