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Capital gray screen under the Waterfront

Whether celebrated Shanghai or Ningbo Port is rising, their golden dream of all need money to support the. Therefore, the introduction of a wide range of investors to stimulate the development of container business, is becoming a reality. The former Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port entrenched in many years, and Hutchison Ports Holdings (HIT) in the "dominate" the situation, also will break.

August 1993, Shanghai Port Container Transportation Development Corporation (now Shanggangjixiang) and Hutchison Whampoa of Hong Kong Shanghai Port Investment Co., Ltd. joint venture at the time the largest joint venture, Shanghai Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (SCT), opened Shanghai port to attract foreign investment curtain. Foreign capital brought into the port not only the development of adequate follow-up funding, more effective, with its advanced management to improve the efficiency of the port. SCT's container throughput rising year after year, from 900,000 TEU in 1993 soared to the current 3.35 million TEU, on the development of Shanghai Port Container business contributed.

September 2002, Shanghai Port Authority (now the Shanghai International Port Group) has signed with the Danish AP Moller Group, the new co-operation in Waigaoqiao Phase IV Container Terminal, the Shanghai Hudong Container Terminal Management Limited; in March 2003, Waigaoqiao then transformed into a joint venture of the Shanghai Pudong International Container Terminals Limited.

Shanghai Municipal Government has hinted out hope that the Yangshan a reservation development by the Shanghai International Port Group, Yangshan Phase II until the introduction of foreign capital again. But the past year, shares on the Yangshan Port has been confusing dispute. It is understood that the investors Yangshan Deep Water Port in Shanghai with Sheng Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., which was established with the same deep-water port construction headquarters and offices in the same place. An investment in the Yangshan Port of fierce battle, the Shanghai International Port Group come out on top. With registered capital of 5.0 billion Sheng, Shanghai International Port investment of 2.6 billion, a controlling shareholder.

Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office, said Zheng Guoqiang, when many companies overseas have expressed willingness to participate in deep-water port construction, including the United States and Britain of a number of investment companies, and the "very early intention" and Hutchison Whampoa was even more powerful competitors 1. First to the world the impression that COSCO come out on top and yellow camera moves. October 19, 2003, COSCO Group chairman Wei Jiafu in Bangkok to attend the APEC CEO summit, said the meeting, the COSCO Group has obtained shareholder approval of Shanghai Municipal Government, the size of the Yangshan Port Phase I project, and not less than 20% stake in COSCO will be the first stake in the project's business success.

But the industry know, and yellow arm of Li Ka-shing is clearly not easily give up the investment in the Yangshan Port. And yellow for the Asian shipping already clear that the situation has Yunkai falls away: Hong Kong as an international shipping center in the old course, unbreakable in the short term, but the Hong Kong container terminals handled daily supply mainly from southern China, Shanghai from their far, supply is not the same, but the construction of Shanghai international shipping center will be radiation in central China and the Yangtze River.

However, according to industry analysts, SCT cooperation unpleasant problem may be caused as a reason for inaction, and yellow. Because investment in SCT and yellow dock are within the Huangpu River, Shanghai's Huangpu River accordance with the planning, would be phased out within the Huangpu River freight, SCT terminals face a "demolition" of the problem. This and and yellow with the Shanghai joint venture contract signed 50-year existence of contradictions, if the SCT to move to resettlement and yellow will be a problem. Thus, the Li Ka Shing Yangshan Port is clearly the goal.

By the end of June this year, the news that Shanghai International Port Group Shanggangjixiang preparing to about 20% of the shares to Singapore and Hong Kong for the International Finance Corporation (PSA). In exchange, Singapore and Hong Kong international companies to service the local terminal operators in Singapore, Singapore Ports Corporation (PSAC) 20% -25% share exchange to the Shanghai International Port Group. In this way, Shanghai is expected to take the first step towards internationalization, Singapore, the largest port in the world and the future of the alliance first. A person familiar with analysis: "As Shanggangjixiang is the Shanghai International Port Group's only listed company, hopefully get some interest in Yangshan Port, the Singapore and Hong Kong Service by the international companies are expected to become shareholders Yangshan Shanggangjixiang curve Hong Kong. "

Dramatic is that early in July, the global hegemon and yellow dock with Shanghai International Port Group has also started a new transaction, the deal of playing or convertible. However, according to industry analysts believe that the meaning of the two opposite convertible, Shanghai International Port Group and PSA Corporation's convertible opened up a new cooperation mileage, and Shanghai International Port Group and and yellow convertible with the past is to drink .

The two sides agreed framework for cooperation include: Shanghai International Port Group, Shanggangjixiang, and yellow will be built with funds outside the five terminals. But Shanghai container terminal and ancillary facilities, land prices have not yet finalized, it also means Hutchison shares outstanding more than five terminals is still suspense. In fact, and the yellow out five terminals in question is the percentage of shares of the biggest differences between the partners. However, Shanghai International Port Group has decided within the "project completed during the year form the joint venture."

Recently, and from Shanggangjixiang spread: by the company holding the Shanghai Yangshan International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (tentative name) will be formally established in September. It is reported that the joint venture will be primarily responsible for the establishment of investment and operation phase of the Yangshan Deepwater Port terminal. As Hong Kong and Hutchison Whampoa has Shanggangjixiang 24.81% stake in joint venture therefore means and Huang Jinjun Yangshan Port has been a dream come true. However, the new joint venture to the end of August to shareholders after the adoption of General Assembly resolution to be set up.

Recently came on the market, Taiwan's Evergreen Group on behalf of the Italian cruise company and the Ningbo Port Group signed a four investment letter of intent, which allegedly has been involved in the basic no chance to compete and yellow this item. Evergreen Group, Taiwan's largest container shipping company, the Hong Kong tycoons Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa is the world's largest port operator, controls 10% of global maritime trade to 15% share.

"Who were four specific franchise, has not yet finalized." Ningbo Port Group Co., Ltd. Container Development Minister Huang Weiping told reporters. But Huang believes that the introduction of more competitors in the future development of a trend of Ningbo Port. This is the first time in Ningbo Port Group media views on the Fang Jian rumors.

Ningbo Beilun Port is always up to the challenges of Ocean Hill Gold Zone to Hong Kong, to the end of June 2004, Ningbo Beilun International Container Terminal 11 new routes, including ocean Route 8, the tentacles began to stretch South America, Africa and Australia, have not previously been involved in new trade areas. And plans to invest 5 billion yuan of the Beilun Port Phase IV is the best container terminal in terms of a project: 75,000 t-ton, five berths, berth length 1,700 m, water depth of up to 17 meters. "Ningbo port now has more than 50 lines." Ningbo Port Group, a source said.

Therefore, the Ningbo Port is the focus of competition between external terminal. June 2001, and Huang won the Ningbo Beilun Port Authority under the container company, a joint venture in Ningbo International Container Terminal Co., Ltd., invested 2 billion yuan holds a 49% share. "In the future, and yellow in the other projects of Ningbo Port is difficult to have a breakthrough." Ningbo City, director of the CPPCC, said Huang Meng Da, Huang had been run by officials of Ningbo port.浠栬涓猴紝鍜岄粍鍦ㄥ寳浠戜簩鏈熼」鐩笂锛屽皢闆嗚绠辩殑浣滀笟璐逛竴鍐嶆彁楂橈紝娓姟闆嗗洟鏂归潰瀵瑰叾楂樹环缁忚惀鐨勬墜娉曡〃绀轰笉婊°? 鈥滅敱浜庝环鏍艰繃楂樺鏄撳鑷村畞娉㈢殑璐ф簮鍚戜笂娴锋腐鍒嗘祦銆傗?浣嗕粬瀵硅繖瀹堕娓笂甯傚叕鍙稿揩閫熻拷姹傛姇璧勫洖鎶ョ殑蹇冪悊琛ㄧず鐞嗚В銆傚湪鐩墠瀹佹尝娓殑绗簲鏈熷ぇ姒矝娓彛锛岀敱浜庣粡钀ユ腐鍙g爜澶寸殑鎷涘晢灞?浗闄呴泦鍥㈢殑鍏ヤ富锛屽拰榛勪篃涓уけ浜嗘満浼氥?


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